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        Green Planet is a one-stop collection service for businesses and multi-family communities. 
        We provide recycling, compost and solid waste collection programs for a diverse number of 
        organizations in the Dallas Fort Worth DFW Metroplex and across the USA. We also offer 
        consultations and project management for workplaces seeking LEED and zero-waste goals.

        We offer customized services to fit your needs. There are several types of containers for 
        your materials to develop a service schedule that meets your space and volume needs.

Roll-Off Service
        Bobtail Service
        Container Drop Off
        Tractor Trailer Service
        Flatbed Trailer Service

        We recycle: cell phones, paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, e-waste, toilets, glass and much more. 
        Are you ready to start recycling, give us a call today or register online: Click Here 

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