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        Cell phone recycling for your organization

           Our Program
        We pay $1.00 for each cell phone collected
        We accept any cell phone including iPods
        Free bins are available for cell phone collection
        There is zero out-of-pocket expense

        Why Recycle
        Cell phone recycling is at only 1%
        Cell phones contain up to eight toxic elements
        Americans discard 130 million cell phones a year

        One cell phone can contaminate 35,000 gallons of 
          water, if it gets into the landfill


Frequently Asked Questions

What cell phones do you accept?
We accept any and all cell phones working or not working
and iPods - old or new you will receive $1.00 for each one!

What do you do with the phones?

Phones are recycled, refurbished and donated

Phones that can be used are donated to 911 Cell Phone Bank to
help supply senior citizens, and other less fortunate citizens with
access to much needed emergency phone service and more

Can I just mail in my used cell phones?
Yes, give us a call and we will give you instruction on how to ship

Do you ship any cell phones overseas?

No, all phones are processed in the USA

Where are the cell phones processed?
Dallas, Texas

Do I have to pay for shipping to get the cell phone to you?
No, we cover all shipping

Do I have to pay for the phone bins?
No, we provide bins at no charge

How many cell phone bins do you typically provide?
Bins are provided based on the size of your facilities

Will we receive a certificate of donation?
If requested

Does your organization clear the phones of any remaining personal data?
Yes, all data is cleared and erased

How do we get started?
Just give us a call or register online:
Click Here 

        Our program is a great way to raise money for your organization or favorite charity!

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